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Final Seminar of LIFE project Life to addmire
Thursday 24.9.2015

Everyone interested in peat land restorations are invited to join the Final Seminar of LIFE+ project Life to ad(d)mire in Sweden. Main topics at the seminar will be planning and performing hydrological restoration actions, vegetative restoration in wetlands, and positive effects of wetland restoration.

There will be field trips to Store Mosse National Park and other large bogs that have been restored within the project. The event will take place 3–5 November 2015 in Värnamo, Sweden.

Life to ad(d)mire is a LIFE+ Nature project specialized in restoring hydrology within mires, fens and bogs. The project has restored 3 500 hectares of drained mires and wetlands at 35 sites throughout Sweden.

For more information and registration, please see the webpage: Final Seminar of LIFE+ project Life to ad(d)mire