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    Photo: Vija Kreile. Lake Gulbītis in transition mire near Salas purvs, Latvia.

NorBAlWet Vision

NorBalWet for a better future for our wetlands.

Sharing for the wise use of wetlands, chairing the wise use of wetlands.


Members of NorBalWet have agreed in its mandate and terms of reference that the NorBalWet initiative is an operational mean in the region covered by member countries to provide effective support for improved implementation of the objectives of the Ramsar Convention, thereby contributing to more effective conservation and wise use of wetlands and enhanced international wetlands co-operation in the Nordic-Baltic region.


Priority areas for cooperation

  • Protection and management of wetlands, inc. restoration of wetlands, monitoring and assessment of wetland habitats.
  • Engagement of stakeholders and other sectors.
  • Alleviation of threats and impacts.
  • Preparation of Global Action Plan for peatlands.
  • Transboundary cooperation.
  • Comparison of the nature conservation administration systems in the NorBalWet countries, their tasks and activities in wetland conservation and management, their strengths and weaknesses (follow up of the Nordic Wetlands Conservation report).
  • Wetland Centres.
  • World Wetland Day and other relevant CEPA issues.
  • Twinning wetlands.
  • Case studies (using the Ramsar format).
  • Maintenance of cultural heritage sites in Ramsar sites.